A Brief Note On John Snow As A Surgeon And A Doctor

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19th Century
John Snow was a qualified as a surgeon and a doctor in 1838. Dr Snow was interested in how cholera spread through drinking water and observed that people who drank water and drank water from the one company was most likely to come across this disease than the people who do not drink that company’s water. Dr Snow planned a map which he noted all the cases of cholera and then realised that all the people who were ill were getting their water from the same and only pump, which it supplied water that came from the sewage contained river Thames. People also used different pumps to get water but did not get the infected. This is when Dr Snow established that was connection between cholera and contaminated water. He identified all the aspects and also looked at the sources of the infected water, and realised that all the contaminated water came from the broad street water pump, so he went to the broad street water pump and took the handle of the pump and got rid of the outbreak of cholera. (Stretch and Whitehouse 2010)
Edwin Chadwick- Edwin Chadwick was a social advocate in England. Edwin Chadwick was studying in London to become a lawyer. He was well known for his work he did which was to improve the conditions that people were living in and wanted to improve public health. He then was interested in political and social reform. In the 1800s he became one of the most important public health activists. Edwin believed that for social improvement they should use sciences
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