A Brief Note On Join A Trade Union

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INDERPAL SINGH STUDENT ID S2938018 INTRODUCTION Recently completed a degree and graduated from University? Found a new job and now confused on whether to join a Trade Union or not? Are you aware of the advantages that arise from being part of this elite group? For some the word Trade Union is unheard off. Well a Trade Union member has additional benefits which non trade union members don’t have. The first main benefit is Unions help protect employees from unjust dismissal through collective bargaining agreements (Union ORG, 2015). Non Members can be fired at will for almost any reason where to fire a union member there must be a solid reason. Another major benefit of being part of a Union is having the collective power to go on strike (Union ORG, 2015). Unions are there to voice the opinion of the workforce. In recent years workers have declined the opportunity to become a member of Trade Unions. Trade Union members in their main job has fallen from 43% to 18% for employees who were males and 35% to 18% for females (ABS, 2013). Today the discussion is that University Graduates should join a Union after getting their first job to secure their future. SUPPORTING POINTS Trade Unions offer security, security for your well being and the security of providing for your family. There have been many cases where employees have been fired for unjust reason. The management cannot demote your from your position without having
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