A Brief Note On Kashmir Watan Food Store

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A strategy can be defined as a method used in order to attain a desired outcome. In business it means professional planning and its implementation, undertaken so as to accomplish the business goal. Strategy usually requires regular monitoring and despite of a good strategy being efficiently executed there are possibilities that a business may not make any substantial profits. Therefore, along with a powerful strategy, a business also requires a have business intelligence providing a competitive edge to a business which will help to fulfil the goals and bring in profits. However the most important part of executing a strategy is bringing in the “change” and the success of change is not how good is the strategy but how well is the change implemented (Ford et al; 2000). The change can be of various types, it can be a transformation in a firm’s strategy, system, structure, culture and process, depending on the need of an organisation. In this essay I am looking at Kashmir Watan food store; a food store specialising in Asian and continental groceries where I have worked for 6 years. It is basically a retail business falling in the private sector. It is estimated that UK’s grocery market accounts for approximately £175 billion according to the statistics of April 2014. The global food and consumer goods experts (IGD) forecast suggest that the grocery market by 2019 will be worth £203 billion. It thus becomes logical that the different channels within the grocery
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