A Brief Note On Kenya 's School System

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Kenya’s school systems were in amazed because the government didn’t expand or add on any classrooms to any school. The government only passed the law making education free but didn’t consider how many children will now enroll in schools. There was a shortage on teachers and there were no desks or chairs for all the new enrolled students. Basically all what the extra students could do was sit on the floor or stand in the back of classroom and listen. Some classes still had over the limit of students and it was getting a little claustrophobic at one point in time. The teacher-student ratio was enormous and it did not make sense to keep all these students enrolled because they are not getting the proper education that they deserve. After the government realized what was happening they didn 't do anything at all. In fact, all of this kept happening at the school for a few weeks but finally everything settled down. A lot of parents started realizing that the quality offered in the public schools was very poor and even some parents decided to change their children from public to private primary schools. Now the private primary schools have more children than they ever did before because of the parents moving their children from the free primary education. This is where people can find single minded quality of education for their children. Private schools are mostly church owned in Kenya and they are mainly owned by Christians. Therefore your child will learn what Christians feel
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