A Brief Note On Landfill With Electricity Recovery

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3.3.2. Landfill with Electricity recovery
Landfilling with electricity recovery used in this study is a typical MSW landfill with surface and basic sealing, site operations including landfill gas treatment, sludge treatment, leachate treatment and deposition, and meeting European limits for emissions. The inventory data are taken from the GaBi database (GaBi, 2015). 28% of the landfill gas is assumed to be used for electricity production while 22% of it is assumed to be flared and the rest (50%) emitted to the environment. The energy and manufacturing processes of the sealing materials requirements for the site, are included within the system.

3.3.3. Incineration
The Incinerator used in this study is an MSW incinerator with Moving grate combined heat and power incinerator used in Europe and UK in particular. The inventory data used are taken from the GaBi database (GaBi, 2015). And the control of emissions is done using wet and dry flue gas treatment by injecting hydrated lime, urea and activated carbon into the flue gases with filter bags for particulate removal. Ferrous metals (Fe, Cu, Al etc.) are recovered, which 60% of the produced bottom ash after metal recovery and ageing is reused as construction material (and will leave the system as bottom ash for reuse). The remaining 40% are disposed on a landfill (GaBi, 2015)). The credits for the electricity, metal recovery and operation of the underground deposit is included with gross electrical efficiency assumed to be

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