A Brief Note On Lengthy And Costly War

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Lengthy and Costly War: The unforeseen costly, bloody and lengthy war of a decade has exhausted American taxpayers and the increased casualties of the coalition forces and Afghan civilians reduced the popularity and support for this war. During NATO Lisbon Summit in 2010, the Afghan government and NATO agreed to transfer security responsibilities to the ANSDF by the end of 2014 . In the summit. Moreover, the security transition completed and the ISAF mission ended in December 2014, but not the war and the US commitment. There is not an exact figure of the costs of the war in Afghanistan, but the 14 years of the US engagement costs estimated in the hundreds of billions of US dollars. As of 24th November 2015, 3506 coalition member died and tens of thousands ANDSF and civilians died. Despite all the challenges, the US presence in the last decade was vital for Afghanistan and national security of the US. Key leaders of Al-Qaida and Taliban arrested and killed, Afghans authored their constitution, three presidential and two parliamentary elections have held, institutions and infrastructures have rebuilt and Afghanistan once again recovered its international recognition. The achievements are unprecedented, but there some challenges, inducing insecurity, instability and economic developments. Meanwhile, led by the US the international community renewed their commitments to support Afghanistan for another decade, the Transformation Decade (2015-2024) . According to President
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