A Brief Note On Lower Merion School District

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Introduction Lower Merion School District is located in the suburbs of West Philadelphia. It is the school system for Lower Merion Township, which begins at the city limit of West Philadelphia. The district contains six elementary schools, two middle schools, and two high schools. Belmont Hills Elementary School is a public elementary school located within the Belmont Hills neighborhood in Lower Merion. It serves kindergarten through fifth grade. It has 451 students and 64 instructional staff, for a ratio of slightly over 7:1 students per instructional staff member. Ms. Kate Galer is a special education teacher at Belmont Hills Elementary School. Ms. Galer spends time in both the general classroom and in specialized learning…show more content…
In the spring, the club meets once a week for an hour and a half. The gardening club offers a hand-on opportunity for the students to see the processes entailed in creating and sustaining vegetation. To do so, children assist in digging and maintaining the soil, providing the proper amounts of nutrients, and pulling weeds. Additionally, the students try to identify the different plants and insects that they come across. During the summer, the families of the students will sign up for a week where they are tasked with maintaining the garden. The students come to the garden during that week to water the plants and weed the garden. In addition, each student has several vegetable plants that are ready to be harvested, providing a tangible reward for their work. Gardening requires time and the necessary supplies. To allow all the children to partake in the experience in a meaningful manner there must be a continual supply of plants and materials. Ms. Galer has been able to acquire some of the plants from the high school greenhouse, but they are not enough to fulfill the needs of the club The club has proven to be popular, as evidenced by the retention of the large majority of its students for the duration of the harvest. In addition, although the club is currently only available to 3rd and 4th graders, many of the 3rd graders return for their second time once they are in 4th grade.

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