A Brief Note On M Ā Ori Health Essay

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Māori health has been impacted throughout different time periods within New Zealand, due to mostly the impact of colonisation. The introduction of Pākehā(Europeans) to New Zealand has concluded with domination of European settlors within New Zealand. This has resulted in change from the 1800’s, 1900’s and 2000’s within health causing change within the community and how it developed their health. Each time period will look at the state of health, the colonising method introduced, how it effect health and what was the resulted due to this, from colonisation.

The 1800’s preliminary were perhaps the main impacted time periods, due to colonisation within NZ affecting the health of people. Colonisation of New Zealand was Pākehā taking control of the surroundings and different component in New Zealand, in which they use power and domination to take over the current people already living before them.

Pre-Pākehā the current state of health was to believed to be well sustained and before the “Pākehā came they were numerously health and lived long” (Lange, 1999). The traditional methods of health practise that were used weren’t; enough to fight of the possibilities of diseases that occurred within that stage and believed they had “a comparatively advanced knowledge and understanding of how diseases were transmitted’. (Kingi, 2005) At this point they had the best intentions with their health positively developing their own mechanism to live healthy.

The colonising method introduced

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