A Brief Note On Marine Pollution And Its Effects

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Many of the targets for goal 14 are measurable, however not all. Some targets are open for interpretation, and lack a solid unit of measurement. For example targets 14.2, 14.3 14.6 and 14.a/c cannot be measured. It would be difficult to determine the strength of resilience, and an adverse impact must first be defined by a unit that can be measured.(14.2) Furthermore cooperation cannot be measured by any units (14.3), “appropriate treatment of a country” is vague (14.6), nor is there a unit scientific knowledge nor enhanced conservation (14.a/c). Otherwise the targets are generally quantifiable, such as pH of ocean water (14.3), number of fish in fish stocks, and exploited fish populations (14.4), percentage of area conserved, by square foot, (14.5), reduction of subsidies is a numeric value easily understood, as well as economic benefit (14.6,14.7), percentage of artisanal fisheries (14.b). 1. Marine pollution (14.1) is measured by regional assessment around the world; the method of collection not allowing for valid comparisons although it provides a base, specifically for marine debris.1,2 Ocean acidification is measured and modeled by current carbon dioxide absorption from the atmosphere (14.3), subsidies are given a numerical value (14.6), but estimated rather than known for sure due to lack of transparency from decision makers. 3,4 Overfishing is monitored by categorizing; underexploiting, moderately exploited, overexploited, and depleted stocks (14.4). The percentage

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