A Brief Note On Media Intervention And Advertising

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Media Intervention & Advertising


The key concept of marketing is customer communication. How we tell the customer about our product, its features, uniqueness we offer, on the whole, how we communicate the value to customer. Connecting with consumers is achieved via various means:

● Direct Contact: Door to door marketing
● Mass Marketing: o Posters/ Fliers/ Boarding’s/ Hoardings o Media:
▪ Print Media (Newspapers, Magazines)
▪ Television, Video Advertisements etc.
▪ Internet & Social Media

Coming to our product of apparels, historically there was no evidence of advertising. As clothing was a basic necessity, a required presence of weavers, word of mouth was the only way people came to know about various weavers, the good ones, with quality etc. There was long spread word about different varieties of textile woven at different places, like Chanderi Silk, Kancheevaram Silk, Bengal Cotton, Pochempalli Style etc. The uniqueness of the product was its attraction & that spread throughout the country.

There was also a period where the weavers/ manufacturers were different from those who sold it. There were small scale shops based on just one city & villages around. The retailers had share of profits & they took care of advertising themselves via door to door publicity, announcing in streets about a new shop opening, the variety of clothes they offer, new designs, prices etc. Small posters limited to the town would also be used. There was also another…
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