A Brief Note On Medical Assisting And Math

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Ashley Mendez Michael Storper College Math August 24, 2014 Medical Assisting and Math As I begin my studies in pursuit of a degree in Medical Assisting I never stopped to think of the use of math in my field. I just figured the basics of my day to day activities as taking a patients height, weight, blood pressure, and obtaining a patients history. Never did I link the two concepts together until it was brought to my attention. Math is used in multiples tasks and aspects of my future job. Every measurement recorded is used in some mathematical equation to determine either a healthy size, height, weight, even blood pressure. My course project will discuss the mathematical aspects Medical Assistants use on a day to day basis, primarily…show more content…
Using the “Find the name of ratio used” aids in keeping track of the amount of prescription a patient may obtain, this helps regulate the intake and avoids the issue of prescription abuse. Although a medical assistant cannot prescribe medication due to it being out of their scope of practice, with the aid of the physician the dispersment of medication can be regulated. Even though medical assistants cannot prescribe medicine it may be in their scope of practice to administered antibiotics, vaccinations, and medications. Therefore the use of proportions and ratios is heavily prevalent in this area of medical assisting as well. The amount of medication and vaccinations are of the utmost importance to properly administer to reduce to risk of over dosing, wasting high cost product, and avoiding patient-physician law suits. Although medical assistants are not the ones you perform the tests and compute the results, another way math is widely used in the medical field is through the use of percentages when discussing the rate of survival, the risk of disease, and the probability of your chance of contracting such as disease or genetic trait. They also used percentages when performing tests for certain viruses and diseases such as tuberculosis, strep throat, and other infections. For example, physicians utilize mathematics when determining the risk of genetic mutations and the probability of a patient contraction a genetic disease such as Huntington’s disease. Another task
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