A Brief Note On Medical Assisting And Math

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Ashley Mendez
Michael Storper
College Math
August 24, 2014
Medical Assisting and Math
As I begin my studies in pursuit of a degree in Medical Assisting I never stopped to think of the use of math in my field. I just figured the basics of my day to day activities as taking a patients height, weight, blood pressure, and obtaining a patients history. Never did I link the two concepts together until it was brought to my attention. Math is used in multiples tasks and aspects of my future job. Every measurement recorded is used in some mathematical equation to determine either a healthy size, height, weight, even blood pressure. My course project will discuss the mathematical aspects Medical Assistants use on a day to day basis, primarily focusing on Chapter 5: Ratios and Proportions, Chapter: Measurement, and Chapter: Percentages. I will discuss the use of ratios to determine prescription amounts both dispersing and assigning, body mass indexes which determines a patient’s health status using both their height and weight, the use of temperature and blood pressure, and the use of percentages in testing, probability, and genetics. I will thoroughly discuss each task and use examples.
When dispersing and assigning prescription amounts the mathematical use of ratios is essential. As a medical assistant it is important to become efficient in using ratios to ensure each patient is receiving the proper amount of a prescription in order to properly treat the patient and avoid over…
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