A Brief Note On Mental Health Law And Criminal Justice

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Kelly Walsh
CJST 6601-82-F14: Mental Health Law and Criminal Justice
Final Paper Outline
October 2, 2014

Topic: Police Work and its Correlation to PTSD and Health Issues
Thesis: Police work stress, lack of training in emotional awareness, and suppression of emotions contribute to posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), cardiovascular disease, burnout, and exhaustion.
1. Police work is a stressful occupation that can lead to PTSD, depression, exhaustion, and cardiovascular disease.

a. Suppression of anger leads to exhaustion and burnout.
b. Suppression of anger and the relationship between symptoms of PTSD (Meffert et. al, 2008).
c. Stress can be detrimental to physical and mental health.
d. Traumatic events may lead to symptoms of PTSD.
e. Stress can be a derived from police subculture where studies suggest strategies of avoidance, acceptance, mindfulness, and emotional awareness are linked to mental health and personal effectiveness (Williams et. al, 2010).
f. Emotional awareness, coping skills, and training my decrease symptoms of PTSD and physical and mental health concerns.

2. Police stress has been linked to police suicide; however, studies suggest how to be identify work related stress symptoms, develop programs to assist in emotional awareness, and training new recruits and senior officers on coping strategies and techniques.
Body Paragraphs Current News Events
1. January 8, 2014, Caroline Porter wrote an article for the Wall Street Journal…
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