A Brief Note On Mining And Its Impact On The Environment Essay

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Mining is a very important industry all over the globe,especially in Canada.Canada has one of the largest mining supply sectors in the world,more than 3 700 companies and is one of the largest mineral suppliers.Canada is first place for Potash,second place for uranium and niobium,third place for cobalt,aluminum,tungsten and platinum group metals (M.A.C,n.d.).Mining is important because it is the process of discovering the minerals that are used to make steel,,jewelry,lead,and many other types of metals used everyday.Mining may be useful but it has a negative impact on many things.More than $1 billion has been spent over the last 20 years to protect the environment from the harmful emissions caused by mining and processing plants (dpcdsb,n.d.).Mining in Canada has also caused many communities to financially fall apart and risk the health of communities in other countries.The main mining issues in Canada are the damages to the environment,economic costs,social impacts and how it causes issues globally.In Canada,mining has a mainly negative impact but they are working towards a more positive one.

The first mining issues in Canada are the damages to the environment,economic costs and social impacts.The environment is very important to the survival of everyone living on earth,but it has become unstable.One of the causes of this instability is mining.Mining causes millions of tons of waste to find their way up into the air and atmosphere,resulting in the creation of acid
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