A Brief Note On Misleading And Deceptive Advertising

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For the last two months I’ve covered the topic of “false and deceptive advertising”. This month I’ll move over to another topic… “How to avoid making Marketing mistakes”. In the first few articles I wrote last year, I spent time laying out the process of developing a sound marketing plan. We all know it takes a significant amount of time and effort to put a plan together. A good marketing plan can help launch a new business or grow an existing one. It’s important to make sure you try to avoid the most common marketing mistakes as they will cost you plenty of time, money and aggravation!
Your marketing plan should be a “living document” which you refer to often. Monitoring and achieving the various strategies and tactics in the plan can help to ensure your success. You need to determine how you will monitor and evaluate your planned activities, and how often you will make changes in the plan. Budgeted goals and activities provide direction in terms of identifying things you want to get done. By comparing your actual results to your plan, you can ensure that you are on course to meet your objectives and can quickly act to make changes in your plan if you need to.
As hard as you may try, marketing plans are not always effective. Why? A variety of factors impact the success of your seemingly well laid out plans:
• Unclear goals - Most marketers start with faulty assumptions and waste a lot of money when implementing. Is your real goal generating new leads or something else? As

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