A Brief Note On Mixed Healthcare System And The Public System

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Mixed healthcare system – The public system has universal health coverage so everyone so everyone can use it at no additional cost. Another 25% of the population has private health insurance and are still entitled to the public health care system.
In 2014 the federal budget for health care was 106 billion. They have established the SUS (Unified health system) which evaluates the efficiency, safety, effectiveness and cost of different phases of diseases with different technologies. They have created a National health technology incorporation committee which is a multidisciplinary committee that has both technical area and a decision making body which makes assessments with the use of scientific data on the accuracy, safety, efficiency and effectiveness and an economic evaluation of costs and benefits in comparison with technologies already present. Since they have a mixed system the private sector is able to provide support if the public sector is unable.

Has a universal healthcare system that is free and a governmental right. Russia as a hybrid social insurance and budgetary health system which lacks efficiency.
Russia has undergone many health care reforms over the last decade. The Government health care spending as went up 6 times since 2000 and yet it still hardly accounts for part of the GDP which remains critically low at 1.3%
Russian life expectancy is the lowest of the BRIC counties with an average life expectancy of 70 years.
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