A Brief Note On Mtn Nigeria Communications Limited

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Mobile number porting services is one of the products and innovations introduced by Telecommunication operators and regulated by the Nigerian government to enable subscribers move to another network while retaining the old number at no cost. It exempts subscribers from paying any fee that may be charged by telecoms operators, when they make a request for number porting from one network to another. The service provider is responsible for maintaining appropriate records to satisfy the billing and audit requirements.
MTN Nigeria Communications Limited (MTNN) since its inception in Nigeria is the biggest mobile operator in Nigeria and West Africa, offering a lot of products and services to its
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The belief of the researcher is that the following research questions will direct his attention to major issues and the questions are:
I. What is the role of television advert in creating awareness of MTN mobile number porting?
II. Is there an effective television advertisement in respect to MTN mobile number porting?
III. What is the impact of MTN mobile number porting television advert on the subscribers?
IV. Does mobile number porting enhance the network services?
V. Does television serve as an effective tool for marketing of MTN network service?
VI. Has television advertising enhanced MTN Company in getting information to the subscribers?
VII. Is the television advert of MTN mobile number portability enough to create an impact on the prospective customers especially those in Lagos State?

Ho- There is no relationship between higher subscription in porting services and television advertising in the media.

This study is first and foremost significant to mobile network subscribers who most times are not aware of the options available to them on mobile number portability and even if they are, do not know the processes involved.
It informs the Telecoms operators of the different ways they can create more awareness on mobile number portability.
It will help the government through it regulators in providing an effective guidelines that will relay information on the subscribers..
This study
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