A Brief Note On Multiple Factors Contributing And Racial Inequality

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Multiple factors contribute to racial inequality. Under those circumstances, many people have this belief that a particular ethnic group is superior compared to others. For instance, Berlin states, “white people set black people apart socially and ideologically. The belief that people of African descent were somehow different, if not in origins then certainly by experience and perhaps by nature.” For this reason, racism is different in different parts of the world. Different cultures teach different values to their citizens. Ultimately, fear of different ethnic groups could cause racial inequality from the 1500s to the present, ethnocentrism is the main cause because it is expressed in different ways in the United States, countries teach…show more content…
“Indeed, in many places, free blacks continued to be governed by the same regulations as slave -subjected to curfews and travel restrictions and denied the right to vote, sit on juries, testify in court, and stand in the militia.” Lot of these laws were ridiculous just so whites appeared superior compared to African Americans. For example, if a black person went to jail, they worked the for their sentence. This is slavery to an extent. Which allowed people to work in fields for free. There is minor difference between the north and south, but overall, ethnocentrism affects both groups.
Additionally, the United States teaches citizens ethnocentrism. With this in mind, according to Stevenson, the United States is, the less forgiving for crimes. Stevenson states that, “Seventy-five percent of juvenile offenders executed in the U.S. have been people of color, while nearly 90 percent of the victims in these cases were white.” The United States is blinded by racism. People do not look at their own mistakes. The United States feels that as a country they are above other ethnic groups. This is a great controversial topic today of how police are targeting African Americans for crimes. Additionally, the United States was a slave society. “In slave society…
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