A Brief Note On Muslims And Healthcare Systems

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Muslims and Healthcare Systems Muslim culture is a subculture that is being practiced and followed by several patients we see coming and going to and from the hospital. The purpose of this paper is to examine Muslim culture and discuss how these members interact within today’s healthcare system. This paper will describe three aspects of the Muslim subculture, including: their primary religious beliefs, common interpersonal relationships, and their dietary/food habits. Common stereotypes among this subculture along with the health beliefs and practices of the Muslim community will also be discussed. The sub-acute rehab unit where the writer works will be discussed along with recommendation to enhance the care of Muslim patients. Healthcare bridges and barriers will be discussed as well as recommendations for the provision of culturally sensitive care for the Muslim community within the healthcare system.
Religious Views amongst Muslims Muslims abide by the Six Pillars of Faith and use these to guide their faith and spiritual beliefs. The Islamic Bulletin discusses Islam’s beliefs and practices. The first pillar states that there is one God, Allah, who should be worshipped and obeyed. God has no father, mother, son or daughter and no person is equal to Him. Allah answers their prayers and helps them in times of need. He gives people peace, happiness, knowledge, and success. The second pillar pertains to specific beliefs in Messengers and Prophets of God. Muslims believe…
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