A Brief Note On Names And Locations Have Been Changed For Confidentiality

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*Names and locations have been changed for confidentiality
Identifying Information
Mary is 21 years old mixed Ecuadorian and Caucasian female born September 29th 1995 in Trevor Michigan. Her household consisted of her mother, father, older brother, and an au pair until she was old enough to go to school. Mary began experiencing manic and risky behavior during her junior year of high school when family problems began. She was diagnosed Lithium but she does not use it anymore because of the way if make her feel. She is currently a junior living in Mount Pleasant and studying at Mid Michigan Community College. Mary is presently working two jobs and is highly active in her church community. Mary was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in her
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Her mother never acknowledged it telling her that she was too young to know what depression is. When her parents left and Mary lived alone with her brother, more psychological problems started to arise. In her junior year of high school, her behavior became manic and she was making risky decisions. She did not want to attend school anymore and stopped being as involved. Mary was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and was prescribed Lithium. She hated how the medication made her feel and almost overdosed once by taking too much on accident. Mary believes that she can manage her disorder without any medication. She did not know what to saw about her mental health now. This year has been hard and she described having a lot of ups and downs. Mary learned to keep everything to herself and never asks for help since her parents never listened when she was younger.
Substance Abuse
Mary had started using substances after her parents move out. She tried smoking marijuana and drinking. Her older brother influenced her because he would smoke with his friends there. They began having a lot of parties her junior year since there were no parents around. She started drinking too much and making risky decisions. This is when she decided to stop her extracurricular activities and wanted to stop going to school. Mary knows that her father’s biological parents were alcoholics so this is substance abuse in her family history. Her brother started
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