A Brief Note On Nazis And The Environment

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Courtney Morrison
War & Environment
Professor Yan Gao
2 December 2015
Nazis and the Environment
The Nazi party in Germany left behind a legacy of atrocities that included racism, anti-Semitism, and genocide. The appeal of the Nazis relied on problems in Germany following the aftermath of World War I. They examined the different problems Germany faced and the different aspects of their political beliefs, one in particular being their environmental outlook. The Nazi party drew substantial support with their idealized version of the German landscape and its importance to Germany in building a sense of national community. Environmental ideology aided Hitler and the Nazis as they utilized the ideas about the German people and their environment. However, once they rose to a position of power, the policies of the Nazis did not reflect much concern for the natural environment, but rather towards winning a massive war and promoting racism. Nazi actions towards environmentalism became a mere propaganda tool to help their rise to power, rather than policies to actually aid the protection and improvement of the environment.
While the policies of the Nazi’s might have helped their overall appeal to the German people, it is important to understand the manner in which they rose to such power. With the end of World War I and the ultimate German surrender, the nation of Germany was left in an economic crisis and the people in discontent. The overall issue of the environment was not a major…
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