A Brief Note On Negligence And Its Job And How They Go About Doing Business

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There is a saying that many hospitality workers use to describe their job and how they go about doing business. This saying is “organized chaos” which means as hospitality workers we have rules and procedures we try to follow that help with the crazy, never ending demands of our customers. Even though we try very hard to satisfy the demands of our customers, there will always be times when we fall short, make mistakes, or a catastrophe will occur. These catastrophes can result in millions of dollars in law suits and can ruin the reputation of a well-established business. These short coming, in a court of law, are called negligence. Negligence is failure to exercise the care toward others which a reasonable or prudent person would do…show more content…
(Cournoyer page 140). The existence of legal duty to act reasonably owed by the defendant to the plaintiff means the extent of safety required by an establishment owed to the guest or patron. For example if a hotel knew the mirror on a guest room wall was unstable, it is their job to fix the mirror before renting the room to a guest in order to prevent the mirror from falling of the wall and hurting the guest. It is not their job though to prevent a guest from unforeseeable and unexpected assaults such as a bee sting from the outdoor dining area or a broken finger or black eye from a fist fight the patron partook in. The second element needing to be proved, breach of duty, means the operation failed to uphold the amount of safety owed to guests and patrons. In other words the business neglected to uphold basic laws of safety and broke the contract with the guest. One example of this is a hotel owes their guests a duty to maintain fire extinguishers in operable condition in case of a fire emergency. Failure to have working fire extinguishers could cause injury in the case of a fire and is considered a breach of duty. Another aspect that needs to be considered in a negligence case is reasonable person standard which is where the defendant acted in a reasonable way. This can be hard to determine because reasonability can be defined in so many different ways. The law does provide a standard to help judge reasonability which can be

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