A Brief Note On Nigeria 's Healthcare System

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Confidence Okoye
International Healthcare Systems
Professor Shehadeh
Nigeria 's Healthcare System


I. Introduction i. In October 1, 1960, Nigeria became free from the British colonization, which lasted for over a century. Nigeria is a diverse nation that houses different cultures, morals, and values of people. ii. Nigeria healthcare system was adapted from Britain 's healthcare system. And the Brits provided all necessary resources needed to improve them. a) Training of Physicians and Nurses II. An introduction into Nigeria 's Healthcare system A. War i. During the World War 1, Nigeria was greatly affected because the country lost most of their medical staff and does that had been stationed there by the Europeans. ii. After the war, Europeans built numerous hospitals and schools in Nigeria but restricted who the physicians and Nurses could treat. a) Which created a lot of controversy. iii. Workforce a) Nigeria have a well-trained medical staff, yet the country suffers greatly due to emigration of its medical professionals.
• In 2005, it was recorded that there were 2,392 Nigerian doctors practicing in the U.S and 1,529 in the U.K
• All others who obtain their degree are unwilling to return to help their country. iv. Technological advancement in the medical sector B. Policies i. The federal government is in-charge of making and enforcing its policy at all levels. III. Evaluation of Nigeria 's Healthcare A. NGO i. Direct relief…
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