A Brief Note On Numeracy And Maths Specialists

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TASK 1 PART A Pursuing a PGCE Numeracy and Maths Specialists is a responsibility that I owe to myself as well as a commitment that I made. It is a responsibility because I have a positive outlook on life, which makes me to actively seek and go after things that I want to accomplish in life. It is a commitment because I want to contribute to society so that others will use it as an example. Due to the passion I have for teaching, I had always sought opportunity to enrol to a course like this but have never found one. I came across PGCE Numeracy and Maths Specialists in December 2014 when I was taking the PTLLS course. I have studied maths and maths related courses throughout my studies, but did not understand the essence until when I worked…show more content…
How can the populace have such basic skills if there is not enough and qualified instructor to teach them? I have the necessary qualities required to execute this task. In this light, I thought it wise and have decided to take up PGCE Numeracy and Maths Specialists because I enjoy working with people, I am able to motivate others and give constructive criticism, I am a hardworking, reliable individual who can work well alone or as part of a team with emphasis on performing quality work. I am a highly determined, adaptable and resourceful individual and also skilled at responding to complex situations and handling stressful conditions. I enjoy challenging and varied working environment and enjoy communicating with others at all levels, and will be able to apply these skills and knowledge gained during my undergraduate and postgraduate studies to help individuals to better their lives, and to achieve their goals. I will also gain valuable experience, skills and knowledge such as; analysing learning needs and develop appropriate strategies, managing own learning, and make critical use of scholarly reviews and primary , demonstrate self direction in tackling and solving problems, analyse and evaluate methodologies appropriate to the lifelong learning sector, communicate complex ideas and arguments effectively using a range of media both orally and in writing, demonstrate a critical understanding of knowledge of
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