A Brief Note On Nursing And Rehabilitation Center Essay

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Research There are numerous agencies in the healthcare sector that are involved with catering for different sectors of the population. The improvements of services provided in the healthcare sector and societal developments are increasing the ability to manage both chronic and acute conditions. Therefore, the life expectancy continues to improve, and the healthcare sector advances. However, the current pattern is increasing the demand for another service in the healthcare industry, which is nursing and rehabilitation. The agency that will be evaluated in the paper is Milford Manor Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. Specifically, the organization provides a broad range of services and specialized programs for the geriatric population. The administration of the Center places emphasis on the creation of a second home for the residents and the family. The traditional concept of nursing homes is something that is currently metamorphosing and experiencing rapid change and consolidation of the industry. Before the development of nursing homes, there were almshouses before the 19th century. The elderly individuals that were broke or incapacitated resided in these houses. In the past, such homes were crowded because many individuals in the geriatric population were dispersed by the Industrial Revolution (Rinc Del Rio, n.p). Furthermore, the need for this type of care was enhanced by the Civil War. At the time, many local governments were for group housing, which was preferred over

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