A Brief Note On Obstacles Of Effective Communication

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Hurdling Obstacles in Effective Communication Communication is the process of sharing ideas, information and messages with others. Any form of communication, written, verbal or non-verbal, can be broken down to three basic components; the sender, the message and the receiver. For communication to be successful, the message needs to not only be received, but interpreted the way the sender meant for it to be intended. Everyone needs to understand what makes communication succeed and what makes it fail. When communication is successful, it is lauded by the after effects, be it a winning campaign, a victory of a war mission or a workforce turning out a larger margin in the profits. When communication fails, the effects are hardly ever lauded; the finger of blame is quickly pointed at the point of failure. A couple of reasons that communication fails are communication barriers and cultural diversity in the work center. Effective communication should not be hampered by obstacles; by breaking down barriers of effective communication and supporting cultural diversity in the work center, positive enhancement of communication is possible. To breakdown communication barriers and eliminate problems caused by cultural diversity, work centers must be able to recognize them. Communication barriers come in the form of physical barriers, language and jargon misunderstandings, emotional differences and a general lack of subject knowledge. Further decreasing effective communication are…
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