A Brief Note On Open Ended And Problem Solving

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Problem solving requires multiple cognitive processes in order to determine a final resolution. These skills are critical to establish a proper solution for day to day problems, such as social problem solving, open ended/problem-solving questions, and advanced mathematical problem solving. However, these skills differ from one person to another, and some individuals excel in this area more then others. This paper will summarize whether there are gender differences in a variety of problem solving, if any. This is a significant topic, mostly because it can explain the phenomenon of how humans are able to excel in some types of problem solving, yet reduce in specialty depending on their gender. This summarization will analyze three different…show more content…
The procedure of this study began with students being split up into groups and assigned different studies by Moreno (1998) including computer-generated animations, summaries containing short captions with illustrations, general texts and detailed texts; all based on lightning. Afterwards, disregarding gender, participants were assigned to treatment groups, they then analyzed three tests done to the students. To begin, all students’ SAT scores were analyzed in correlation with their genders to determine whether their gender had an impact on their overall scores. Second, they analyzed the students’ answers for whether they believed they can change a natural phenomenon such as lightening. And lastly, the retention and the total scores were recorded from each study. This study measured the participants retention and transfer that was measured, because it provides an understanding of the material and how they connect it to open-ended questions as well as how much was learnt. The independent variable is the open-ended questions and information provided to them and the dependent variable is the subjects. Overall, there was a significantly greater amount of females who responded with the fact that they cannot control nature when asked if they could change a natural phenomenon such as lightening, compared to males. First, this study suggests that males are significantly better at scientific problem-solving in comparison to females, however when the experiment was further
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