A Brief Note On Osteoporosis And Its Effects

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Osteoporosis causes weakness of the bones and brittle in some cases stress such as turning on the bed or falling down can cause a fracture. According to mayo clinic Osteoporosis-related fractures most commonly occur in the hip, wrist or spine. Normal bones’ tissue is constantly being replaced by breaking down the old tissue bone and old bone is replaces with new bone tissue. Osteoporosis occurs when the old bone is not being replaced by new bone tissue. There are not specific races in which an individual is more prominent but men and women after menopause are more prominent to contract this disease. Aging, diet low in calcium and vitamin D, smoking, drugs and certain for example chemotherapy medication which causes bone loss, are considered to influence the risk factors in obtaining this disease.
Symptoms may not be pronounced or evident in really stages of osteoporosis, in most cases it’s not detected until a bone has been fractured because the bone has already weakened. Early stages of osteoporosis may present dull pain in the lower back, the neck and muscles. Later stages of osteoporosis present sharp pain because of how brittle the bone is. The pain doesn’t usually spread to other parts of the body, but the pain may increase with barring weight in the area were the bone density is low. Weakness in the bone may cause backaches cause by a fractured vertebra, curved posture. Curved posture is due to the low density of the bones, the spine may crumble and result…
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