A Brief Note On Outdated And Outdated Processes

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Inefficient and Outdated Processes This connects to the low profit margins. BRS has many outdated and inefficient processes, but the major one revolves around payments. For tickets and concessions cash is preferred and if the occasional credit card comes through, an old addressograph-type of machine is used to make an imprint of the card. With such a delayed amount of time to submit the charge for payment, many of the credit card payments are uncollectible. Concessions are all locally purchased at grocery stores or other local suppliers, and no contracts are made with a supplier that could provide a wholesale discount. The basic concessions are offered at reasonable prices. Granted, this is not necessarily a problem and I applaud BRS for continuing to support other local businesses, but there are opportunities present that could lead to cost savings.
Proposed Solutions
Updating Point of Sale (POS) Systems With the recent advances in technology, it has become easier for small businesses to accept credit cards with mobile card readers and reasonable services like Square®. Square® offers a range of products that can be synced with an Apple or Android device and would allow for faster payment with credit or debit cards and would submit the charge more efficiently than as with the current paper process- resulting in less uncollectable charges. This business was built with the small business as their target market, so the fees are lower than many other options and the…
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