A Brief Note On Peer And Peer ( P2p )

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Peer-to-peer (P2P) networking is a network of computers that have the capability of being either a client or a server. Furthermore, P2P is the use of your own personal computer for the purpose of more than just basic client only tasks. Peers on a network are able to share resources, storage space, and processing power directly available to others hosts on the network without the need of a centralized communications model like the client/server model. Each user of the network is both a supplier and a consumer of the resources provided on the network. Because peers are not connected to a central server it removes the risk of losing data through a central server crash. One of the most widely known forms of Peer to Peer networking is simply instant messaging. This is P2P in its simplest form. AOL, Facebook, MSN, are all examples of software that uses Peer to Peer networking in order to allow users to message one another in real time. The goal of P2P is to make things faster and safer, so it makes sense that many companies have moved to implementing instant messaging as a standard of communication. Another use of Peer to Peer networking is for illegal purposes. Many of us have heard of the widely famous software Napster. It was originally known as the pioneer behind peer to peer file sharing. Napster was commonly used for the purpose free music downloading. Users from all around would come and upload free music, but the problem with this was copyright infringement. Many
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