A Brief Note On Peer Communication And The Client Server Model

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Data Networking
Assignment No: 2

Ans 1.Peer to peer communication provides reliable connection, all the resources are available with its users, inexpensive and is more robust as compared to the client-server model which is why most applications use this type of communication. However, certain applications instant messaging, e-mailing and video calling prefer client-server model to perform certain functions for the reasons that follows:
 Client-server model is centralized which means all the files that are stored in the same place and can be easily administered.
 The servers can be accessed remotely making its accessibility easier
 The peers don’t need any storage space as the server keeps all the resources and information like peer to peer communication.
 Security in this model is enhanced as each file can be stored with passwords. Transfer of Viruses and malware are difficult through this connection.
 Creating a back-up and recovery of the server is easier than creating a back-up for every workstation.
 New resources and information can be added easily buy upgrading the server.
 Management of information is easier.
 Client-Server can manage more computers than peer to peer connections connected at the same time.

Pure peer to peer communication also face some major challenges that are as follows:
 Security of this communication is very less resulting in transfer of Trojans, viruses and malware easy.
 The system is decentralized making administration of…
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