A Brief Note On People Face Trade Offs

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People Face Trade-Offs In this assignment, it is evident that I have only one semester left to graduate and I have enough finances to do a maximum of four courses. Three of the courses are required courses and the last course slot is elective. I will have to narrow down my choices to three electives and based on two economic decision-making principles, I will provide and support my choice. To begin with, in the scenario, I have three different courses and I have to select one. The three courses include business management, mathematics, and economics. These courses provide and include different benefits and disadvantages and my choice should predict high benefits and incentives. There are various jobs related to mathematics such as high school math teacher, market research analysis, and inventory control specialist. Pursuing mathematics will also improve my arithmetic skills. However, mathematics is very complex and will require a lot of time. On the other hand, economics degree course provides a range of advantages as well as disadvantages. For example, after pursuing the economic course, I will work either as an accountant or as financial analysts as well as investment analysts and statistician. Economics course will provide me with the opportunity to learn new investment skills, capital management and ability to analyze economic trends and patterns. Despite this, economics is a very complex and demanding course. In addition, economics mostly involves tiresome work
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