A Brief Note On Physician Assisted Dying ( Pad ) Essay

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I. Identification:
The topic for my case study is Physician-Assisted Dying (PAD). PAD allows terminally ill patients to choose to die on their own terms before they become medically and mentally incapable of normal function. However, this option as an End-of-Life (EOL) choice is illegal in most states. There are five states where PAD is legal. These states are: Oregon, Washington, Montana, Vermont, and California (Gostin & Roberts p.250). After a strict screening process to make sure the patient is mentally sound. A medical professional must give the patient a prescription for a lethal dose of medication to be taken at the patients choosing by the patient. There are several ethical arguments when it comes to PAD.
1. Is it right for a medical professional to prescribe a lethal dose of medication to a terminally ill patient?
2. Is it right to Put PAD and suicide in the same category?
3. Is it right to prolong suffering and pain?
4. Is it right to label PAD a crime
5. Is it right to make PAD a legal End-of-Life option? This is the central ethical issue to be resolved. Being that, suicide in general is morally unacceptable by most Americans.

II. Research:
Applied Ethics Book for SPC- The course book is necessary for the proper application of both consequential and non-consequential ethical theories. The book will assist in developing applications to determine the best ethical outcome for PAD. The book is new and uses current information on ethical issues and

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