A Brief Note On Police Brutality And Corruption

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My English Argument Paper
Police Brutality and corruption is and injustice often overlooked everyday in the united states of america. Although a majority of police are just, too many and are not. The most disturbing part aspect is that most cops across the nation get away with doing these sick things to the public that they "serve and protect" some people may ask just how many are corrupt? The survey by the department Bureau of justice statistics found 26,556 cases of excess police force in just 2002.
The point i 'm trying to make is the officers of the law should be supplied with body cameras so that complaints towards the law have more court evidence, over cops action or a suspect. This camera idea good go both ways, it could show the public what really happened before the people start accusing without knowing.
The first argument for officers of the law that should where body cameras is that some background info to support this argument is police should record for their shift and off when their done with the shift. this should stop police abuse and unnecessary lethal force against the public. "Everyone behaves better on camera" is an excellent quote that shows how cops could be beating the crap out of you while you 're in your , and the second you start to record them they will stop and say "license and registration please sir". One of the first cameras introduced to the law was put in their cars. so that when a suspect ran off or drove off had evidence so that…
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