A Brief Note On Police Brutality And America

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Andrea Studebaker November 18, 2015 ENG 1113 CRN 12896 E4FD Police Brutality in America On April 12th, 2015, a young man named Freddie Gray, was arrested for allegedly having an illegal switchblade on his person. That same day, Gray entered a police van for transport, seemingly fine. Only to leave that same police van half an hour later, in a coma, with severe injuries to his spinal cord. Thirty minutes is all it took, for a seemingly healthy man, to end up in the back of an ambulance. He died one week later. All but one officer, the driver, were charged with crimes ranging from illegal arrest to manslaughter. The driver was charged with second degree depraved heart murder, the equivalent of second degree murder. The illegal arrest charges stemmed from the prosecutions argument, that Gray was arrested long before officers knew he had a knife. This is just one instance out of many, in which police have over stepped their power, and put a strain on the public’s trust in them. “Gray was not the first person to suffer a disastrous spinal injury in the confines of a Baltimore police van, Jeffrey Alston successfully sued the city in 2004 after a van ride left him paralyzed from the neck down” (Von Drehle, 1). Unfortunately, that list goes on and on. It became such a common occurrence in Baltimore, Maryland, that it gained its own patois, going for “a rough ride”. How have we as a country, a free people, continued to allow this to carry on. Those with the power to make

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