A Brief Note On Pollution Across The World

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Pollution Across the World The Industrial Revolution was the spearhead for several generations of heavy pollution. The engines that are being used to make work easier emit large amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2). The Earth 's atmosphere is designed to handle a fair amount of carbon dioxide, but in the past century people have produced much more than it can manage. Global warming has become a recurring topic in many news stories since the late 1990 's. With the spotlight on emission control vehicle manufacturers have started designing much more fuel efficient engines. Hybrid vehicles that use both an internal combustion engine and an electric power source have become highly popular amongst commuters. According to the Washington Post, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has required the U.S auto-fleet to average 54.5 mpg by the year 2025 (Eilperrin). This will put a lot of pressure on engineers to make an engine that has a high output and is efficient. It is vital that something is done about the vast amount of pollution that is plaguing the world. If we continue destroying the environment at our current rate, there is only a number of decades left in our future. The United States is known for its lavish lifestyle. From a very young age most children enjoy things a lot of countries do not have. With this plush experience comes a hefty price. Of the top eleven heaviest polluted places in The United States of America, the first five are all in California
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