A Brief Note On Professional Research And Communication

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ITECH 5500
Professional Research And Communication

Assignment #2
Research Proposal

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1) Salman Mohammed
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2) Ramandeep Singh
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Tutor: Mr.Mazher Hussain Table of content

1.0 Abstract
1.01 Significant concepts
2.0 Introduction
2.01 background, context, overview
2.02 Purpose, scope
2.03 Method of the study
3.0 Statement of problem
4.0 Literature Review
4.01 Current
4.02 Relevant
4.03 Significant
5.0 Methodology
6.0 Planning, analysis and organisation 6.01 Proposed Model
6.02 Preferences of proposed model
7.0 conclusion
8.0 reference


Giving security in an appropriated framework requires more than client confirmation with passwords or advanced declarations and secrecy in information transmission. Circulated model of cloud makes it helpless and inclined to refined dispersed interruption assaults like Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) and Cross Site Scripting (XSS). To handle expansive scale system access movement and managerial control of information and application in cloud, another multi-strung circulated cloud IDS model has been proposed. Our proposed cloud IDS handles huge stream of information bundles, investigate them and produce reports proficiently by coordinating learning and conduct examination to distinguish interruptions

Significant concepts
Distributed computing is a style of processing where administration is given over the Internet utilizing diverse models and layers of
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