A Brief Note On Psychological And Psychological Disorders

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Malingering Psychological Disorders
Jalisse M. Smith
John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Deception is often portrayed in various instances. Patients may feign an illness to get quick medical attention, receive compensation, or to evade going to work. Individuals sometimes even pretend to have physical or psychological illnesses to avoid reporting to military duty. Psychologists and psychiatrists often find themselves in the position to determine whether or not a criminals alleged symptoms are real or exaggerated. Malingering, according to the American Psychological Association is defined as the premeditated fabrication of deception and inflated physical or psychological symptoms, driven by outside motivations.
It is important to detect defendant malingering to determine whether the individual is competent to stand trial. Competent to stand trial refers to an individual’s ability to take part effectively in criminal proceedings and to assist in one’s defense. Psychological evaluations were developed to detect people who are faking their symptoms. One example of this is the Structured Interview of Reported Symptoms (SIRS) (Costanzo & Krauss, 2012). This test is approximately a thirty minute interview and evaluation. The psychologist questions the examinee about the physical or psychological symptoms that they claim to be experiencing. The test consists of questions that are unlikely to be truthful even for who are severely mentally disturbed. The content…
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