A Brief Note On Public Relations And Journalism

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Public Relations and Journalism can be perceived as one profession but their function is different. PR practitioners and journalists have always had a divisive relationship but also share a mutual dependence. The press rely on PR practitioners for information to write good stories. PR practitioners depend on the press to publish positive stories about a person, event, organisation, and broadcast that information to the publics.
Baines, Egan and Jefkins (2004) strongly believe that many practitioners consider the media to be the public for their organisation or believe that media coverage automatically means that they have reached and influenced a large audience. The media are conduits to strategic public organisations. The media is a powerful influence in our society and most others worldwide.
In this essay, the tension and shared interest in the relationship between PR practitioners and Journalists will be critically assessed and then a comparison of their similarities and differences will be investigated. It will also identify the pattern which PR practitioners and journalists uses social media.
Firstly, what is Public Relations? Public Relations is widely used by different organisations. It is responsible for managing the image and reputation of an organisation by maintaining mutual communication, goodwill, understanding, support, influencing opinion and behaviour between an organisation and its publics. Although an academic definition of Public Relations was given by…
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