A Brief Note On Public Relations And Communication

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Public Relations Reflection
Public Relations and Communication is a pivotal part of many careers in many fields. As a prospective police officer or probation officer in the criminal justice field, aspects of this course are important to that particular career path. Police work can involve an extensive amount of research in the form of writing police or incident reports. An often overlooked aspect of police work is grant application. Grant application involves extensive research by the police department in order to secure certain types of funding. This course has been helpful in recognizing the importance of in depth and high quality research, and also the importance of proper and professional citations. In addition, this course was important in highlighting the competition that will be faced by each candidate out in industry. This course brought to light the importance of making yourself the most popular and qualified candidate, this information can be used not only in the communications field, but many other fields as well, including criminal justice.
Professional Research/ Writing Professional Research is an important skill not only in a school or college setting, but also in a work setting. It is important to find high quality sources to back up your position or idea on a particular topic. This course was important in showing the direct link between quality of sources and overall quality of a particular work. The more quality sources obtained on a…
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