A Brief Note On Public Smoking Bans And Smoking Behavior

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Referee Report on One last puff? Public smoking bans and smoking behavior

Article Summary:
One last puff? Public smoking bans and smoking behavior written by Anger, Kvansnicka and Sidler tries to examine how the effects of bans on public smoking influence individual smoking behavior. The authors observe the state level smoking bans that were introduced in Germany’s sixteen federal states effective on different dates in 2007 and 2008. The study shows a 2 percentage points decrease in propensity to smoke and propensity to smoke regularly among individuals with above median propensity to go out in regular basis, moreover average demand dropped by 0.42 cigarettes. This means that people who tend to go out more than the median of the population got effected by the law and decreased the number of cigarettes they smoked. The study shows that effectiveness of the law is largest for people who are in the top quartile for the propensity to go out. The authors try to identify the effects of the bans on individuals smoking propensity and intensity. The work is relevant and important since for a long time lawmakers have been attempting to cut down the figure of people smoking in a population. The survey is important because it analyzes the effectiveness of policies taken by the government.
The economic literature on the effectiveness of laws that try to reduce smoking is wide. Previous studies include price change and increases in excise tax on…
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