A Brief Note On Recycling And Its Effects On The Human Footprint

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Max Cohen Cohen, 1
Professor Seelie
September 27, 2015
English 104
Essay 1: Recycling
Recycling has been the environmental crusade to reducing the human footprint, with it’s spotlight shining down on in recent years. It was the noblest of causes, recycling being a great idea for the environment and society; but it is being handled poorly. Its modern descendant has turned into a corporate scheme with recycling becoming a business, instead of being about the environment because marketers are using environmentalism as a excuse for overconsumption, recycling products are only being recycled for profit, and cities & big business use inflated numbers to attain media attention. Let’s now take a look at the bread and butter of corporate “environmentalism”.
Corporations use many strategies to pluck at the heartstrings of the common man in order to sell their product. Switching out one tactic for another, big plastic and can companies alike are known for adding things onto their products that resemble an environmental cry for attention to make it look more appealing to certain people. Upon examining a 24 pack of Nestle water, their words “Pure Life” are written in an angelic font and splattered onto the front of the box, sewn into the plastic that has a picture of a family happily walking. Obviously some of the products are altered for the better, but by adding on a plastic bottle “30% less plastic used with this bottle”, people are subconsciously thrown into a pit of…
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