A Brief Note On Risk Management And Procurement Management

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This area of project management was completely overlooked. Tom did not engage the faculty before starting his project, and there was no consideration for the man hours involved in the projects execution. Having failed to get the proper approval and support for the project, he tied up the IT departments schools human resources for five months. Communication Management This case study is a great example of what not to do. If there is a potential project it must be vetted out completely through great communication. A single email with no mechanism for feedback is not a green light to initiate a project. Since there was no project planning, there were no guidelines ever established giving written guidelines of how the project was to be handled. Risk Management/Procurement Management Tom Walters, Director of IT, decided it was a good idea to require all 2,500 students to either purchase or rent tablets, but his team failed to perform a risk assessment. There was no indication of a genuine need for this project, no stakeholder involvement and no evaluation of the actual costs in terms of time and resources. There was also no procurement plan for the new hardware or the increased demand for Wi-Fi services or charging stations. When evaluating risk, a project manager must take into consideration all aspects of the project. If a risk assessment had been conducted, the IT team would have concluded the project was doomed from inception. Stakeholder Management Tom
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