A Brief Note On Save A Life : How Can Someone Imagine A Sick Child?

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Cameron Foxworth
Mrs. Victoria Lawrence
English IV
23 September 2014
How to Save a Life How can someone imagine a sick child going to a doctor’s office who might change the world one day, and think of how it would feel to be the doctor that has the power to help that child survive and not think of pediatrics as a crucial career? A pediatrician is a doctor who ensures the healthiness of children and makes decisions that can better the lives of the children and save the parents of these children worry. Although specific duties, education, and training are required to become a pediatrician, the salary once one’s career is started is rewarding; however, none of these compare to saving a child’s life. Pediatricians work with children and their parents to ensure that the child is properly taken care of and pediatricians may also make decisions that will affect the child all the way from an infant to early stages of adult hood (Pediatrician). Pediatricians must meet requirements physically and emotionally. Working with children requires you to be compassionate, to be an excellent listener, and to have an active imagination. The youth are sensitive and require special attention and often enjoy to talk about everything under the sun, no matter if it is imaginative or not. Children enjoy when you talk to them about anything, even if it seems childish, it could mean the world to them. To be a pediatrician, one must listen to the child and be able to understand…
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