A Brief Note On Science And The Nineteenth Century

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Faith v.s Science
Sunya Hassan
History 10

Faith vs. Science in the Nineteenth Century

Throughout history, the comparison of faith and science have caused debate between our historians. However, they can agree that the nineteenth century was somewhat of a blurred line in American history to determine where the population’s allegiance laid. While the Second Great Awakening riled up a lot of devout Baptists and Methodists, science had also taken a toll with the Industrial Revolution. Which is still one of the most significant economic changes in American history to date. And although Darwin’s finds did not occur in the US, the effects of his theory of evolution made men and women in the states question their beliefs and faith in religion. Technological developments also created issues for the church as they were losing grip of power on their believers. Even though religion played a large role in the early nineteenth century, given the facts, science and innovation captured the interest of America’s people and undermined their faith. Although faith was not the leading candidate for winning over the allegiance, faith in religion runs deep down to the foundations of America. The early settlers, such as the pilgrims, ran from Europe to practice their own faith without the accusation of heresy. Puritanism was a religious reform movement that sought to ‘purify’ the Church of England. Their philosophy of “a city upon a hill” caused the United States to strive for…
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