A Brief Note On Sclerosis And Its Effects

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June 13, 1939 could be considered a historic day in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) history. On June 13, 1939, society renamed ALS for one of ALS’s most famous victims of the time, Lou Gehrig. Before the dawn of the internet, Gehrig’s diagnosis and story was made public due to his fame. Today, aided by internet, people have the ability to tell their story regardless of social status. On March 28, 2012, April Moundzouris (n/d) was diagnosed with ALS. In an effort to raise awareness, Moundzouris wants to share her blog, the ALS Express. In a humanitarian effort, Moundzouris hopes to spread awareness about ALS and its encompassing effects. Moreover, she would like the blog to act as a resource for the newly diagnosed and their caregivers. Moundzouris’s blog can be examined through theoretical frameworks for illness. Subsequently, the study of her entries reveals patterns. Through examination of Moundzouris’s blog, it is seen that she is moving through Suchman’s 5 Stages of Illness. The first two stages, Symptom Recognition and Assumption of the Sick Role, are illustrated in Moundzouris’s My Diagnosis Experience post. The next stage, Medical Care Contact, is realized as Moundzouris holds out hope that the doctors may be wrong. Given the severity of ALS, there are multiple entries confirming Moundzouris’s entrance into the Dependent-Patient Role, but in particular, her entrance into a clinical trial stands outs. Unfortunately, there is no cure for ALS currently, so
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