A Brief Note On Scope And Communication Management

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Scope and communication management are two of the major PM Knowledge Areas where poor practices contribute to project failure or success. Discuss why these two areas are so critical to project success and failure and give at least two examples of good practice in these areas (we want two examples overall, it could be one from each or two from one area) that help ensure success.
Scope management
Scope management is one of the major components of PM knowledge areas. This often refers to the processes that are geared towards ensuring that the project has taken into consideration all the work necessary to aid in the completion of the project successfully. This is through controlling what is in the scope and preventing the implementation of what is not defined in the scope. This often involves three processes; planning process, controlling & monitoring the process as well as auditing process (Schwalbe, 2015).
The planning process includes the creation of outputs that capture and define the tasks that need competition. The controlling and monitoring process often is concerned with tracking scope documentation, creeps as well as authorization of changes made to the project. This scope of the project plays a crucial role in identifying work that needs to be completed successfully. It is the responsibility of the project management to ensure that the tasks that are listed within the scope have to be performed keenly and each deliverable completed within the schedule and within the…
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