A Brief Note On Sectionalism And The American Civil War

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Sectionalism, in it’s earliest American state was found in the early 1800’s. Tensions were high during this time, with Slavery becoming a much more Sectional issue. The South claimed Slavery a Necessary Evil, and that without it, the South’s economy would collapse. Many in the South believed it was a positive thing, providing slaves with shelter, food, and many cases, religion. On the opposite side, many northerners called for Abolition, or, the end of slavery (“Course Notes, Sectionalism and Slavery”).
This ongoing conflict caused further splitting of the Union, with each side’s ideals being complete 180° of each others’. This political split lay almost exactly on the nation’s regional line splitting the north and south, beginning to cut the once united nation into said “sections.” This small crack would be a tiny spark that light the tinder of one of the bloodiest wars the United States had ever participated in, the American Civil War. Where brother killed brother, and children as young as middle schoolers would be admitted into the army to fight in some of the bloodiest, brutal battles in american history (“Course Notes, Sectionalism and Slavery”).
.Obviously, sectioning and splitting a once strongly united country will have a huge impact upon said country. The strong controversy of Slavery, along with several smaller conflicts at the time were wedging the crack further apart, allowing the plague of sectionalism to expand and spread. One of these conflicts was…
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