A Brief Note On Self Concept And Perception

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Self-Concept and Perception I never understood the disease of hoarding but I just realized in speech 105 how much items we associate with identify who we are. Objects such as an aftermarket part for your car, clothing, a shot glass, a sports patch and a book all found in my house represent who we are as individuals and create our self-concept of our selves. Maybe that’s why the show hoarders is so popular as I figured people build memories and an identity to such items leading to people to never let go of the past. For my Me Poster project the first item I choose was a turbo picture, it is a new garret 6tw3476r. I would actually love to bring in a real sized turbo but I figured a photo would suit. The turbo represents that I love cars and not just cars but the speed produced by the aftermarket part. The chain actually represents more as I am a mechanic and as of now am choosing this work to be my lively hood. I would think the cars and speed Identify me as an adrenaline junkie and someone who loves fun. I would also love to be part of a counter culture that revolves around racing and car modifications. Letting go for at least the weekend society norms and rules. I plan on always owning some type of vehicle that is quick and modded, so I feel this will be a part of me and my identity for ever. The part communicates to others in the car in group scene is that I have a love speed and not just the conventional means to get around normally and safely in public. Turbos are
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