A Brief Note On Sex And Gender, Online

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Brandi Mitchiner
Sociology 341 – Sex and Gender, Online
Professor Rosemary Anzini-Varesio
March 25, 2016


If you asked me 10 years ago why I decided to skip college and spend my 20s working instead of studying and socializing, I would have lied. My answer was always, “I hated school. Why should I pay to sit in classes when I can be paid for working?” In reality, my fear of not being smart enough due to negative remarks from relatives, and people I considered friends, discouraged me from applying for any colleges while I was in high school. It took over ten years and a long talk with a good friend for me to enroll in classes at 29 years old. Growing up, college was never a topic of discussion. I was raised by a single mother who had me when she was still in high school and my sibling on her twenty-third birthday. I was only ever told, “Graduate from high school, child-free, and get a job. You don’t need college and I can’t afford to send you anywhere.” Years later, I was told by another family member that I was my mother’s dream killer; being pregnant with me caused her to lose the scholarship she’d earned and prevented her from attending the school of her dreams. My mom worked hard to provide for myself and my sister and has had a long, successful career with a high salary. I believe this to be partially because she felt that she had to give us a good childhood.
Unfortunately, to be considered a burden, someone who may…
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