A Brief Note On Single Mothers And The Single Moms Club

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Tierra Palumbo
Rubina Gulati
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April 29, 2015
Independent Single Mothers
Single mothers are usually portrayed in film and television programs as being weak and needing something to be dependent, usually on a man. Five single mothers in the film The Single Moms Club come together to support each other in areas that are their strong suit. These women in this film do carry the gender roles that are put on women, as well as break many of the gender roles. I will be focusing on three out of the five women in this film. These three women all share the same gender role theme of being a caregiver. Each of these women have their own stories, different backgrounds and gender roles that they represent, and some break the roles of being societies definition of what a woman is. This paper will touch on the gender roles these women all have in common with each other and the ones that contradict other.
The Single Moms Club is a film that was written, directed and produced by Tyler Perry who is the founder of the Tyler Perry Company. This is one of the companies that produced the film. Matt Moore and Ozzie Areu were the other producers for this film, Lionsgate was the other production company that produced this film. Lionsgate has produced many other films that are extremely popular such as The Hunger Games and Twilight series, as well as 28 television shows on 20 different television networks, such as Orange is the New Black and Weeds. The Tyler Perry Company has produced…

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