A Brief Note On Single Mothers And The Single Moms Club

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Tierra Palumbo Rubina Gulati Journalism 320 April 29, 2015 Independent Single Mothers Single mothers are usually portrayed in film and television programs as being weak and needing something to be dependent, usually on a man. Five single mothers in the film The Single Moms Club come together to support each other in areas that are their strong suit. These women in this film do carry the gender roles that are put on women, as well as break many of the gender roles. I will be focusing on three out of the five women in this film. These three women all share the same gender role theme of being a caregiver. Each of these women have their own stories, different backgrounds and gender roles that they represent, and some break the roles of being…show more content…
as well as television shows like Meet the Browns and House of Payne. Single Moms Club was released in the United States and Canada March 14, 2014 and released in Kuwait September 4, 2014. The opening weekend March 16th, the film was shown on 1,896 screens in the U.S. and made $8,075,111(Tyler Perry 's The Single Moms Club). The total domestic amount that the film made was $15, 973,881 and foreign it made $364,000 which makes the grand total of the profit from the film being $16,337,881(Tyler Perry 's The Single Moms Club).The movie was removed from theater May 1, 2014. The film was nominated in the Golden Trailer Awards in 2014 for having the best teaser poster and the best romance poster (The Single Moms Club). In this film there is no main character, all these women are followed in the film equally. First, we have Jan who is played by Wendi McLendon Covey. Most known her from the hilarious film Bridesmaid. Jan is a driven women working at a publishing firm who is trying to make partner as well as raise her very opinionated 12 year old daughter. Jan made the decision to have a child through using a sperm donor. Secondly we have Lytia, who is played by Cocoa Brown, she has 5 children with 2 of her older sons in jail. She works at a diner, where she makes ends meet working a minimum wage job. Lytia will not take part in being a black single mother on welfare. Finally we have Hilary who is played by Amy Smart. Hilary is a
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